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The music industry is an ever changing business entity. However, there is an old and friendly favorite emerging for millions of music lovers and competing for that almighty music dollar. Vinyl records are back, as the youth of today are finding the listening experience is greatly enriched when utilizing this historic music medium. Our music is sounding better than ever because we can hear it on vinyl again. Millions of music lovers all over the world are discovering and rediscovering why vinyl is the best sound reproduction format and buy vinyl for their music listening pleasure.

There are two ways to buy vinyl. Online, or the preferred method by real audiophiles, going to a physical location, the novel concept of a record store and 'crate digging.' There are limitations on the two methods, the advantage of selling vinyl on line is that the website can receive orders 24 hours a day and can have an international clientele. However, nothing can replace the old-fashioned record store; the unique smell, the one-on-one customer service from the record store employees, their vast musical knowledge and the feeling that a music lover gets from a visit to their neighborhood record store.
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    • Vinyl Records, Northern Soul, Record Shops, Old School Records, Disco Records,Breaks & Beats, Rare Groove, House Records, Soul Records, Crazy Beat Records, Deep Funk, Garage Records, Rare Soul, R&B Records, Rare Records rare vinyl online Online shopping of quality classified rare vinyl records Diverse Vinyl LP mail order depeartment of Diverse Music, an independent record store in South Wales.

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    • We specialize in uncharted Rock & Roll 45's from the 50's and 60's. These lists are only a portion of our 100,000 record inventory.
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    • record mania for top quality records, rock music on vinyl, mail order, funky records, classical music on vinyl, hiphop on lp, rock lp, rare lp's and more!
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    • Collectible vinyl record distributor for 30 years. Outstanding classic vinyl records and XRCDs in high quality and in perfect condition Music Disc - Your Source for CDs, Vinyl LPs, Tapes, Singles & More...

      record connection Record Connection has been providing high quality record albums and excellent customer service to record collectors and music enthusiasts the world over for nearly 20 years.

      Joe's Record Paradise, albums, vinyl record, vinyl album, vinyl, records- Specializing in old school albums and music.
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    • soul • funk • gospel • blues • jazz • latin • reggae 45s • LPs • 12 inch singles • CDs- Over 10,000 items in stock, we also carry rock, soundtracks, country & western, folk, and most other styles.
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