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It’s all over the news, from countless newspaper features, numerous online articles and news features. It’s the vinyl record revival and more importantly, the resurrection of analog sound. Yes, people are reverting back to an old habit, they buy records again.

In fact, in 2008, it was reported that 1.88 million vinyl albums were purchased, which is the highest number since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking LP sales in 1991 and the numbers have increased in 2009, a promising trend for those who buy records. People buy records to connect to their past, for the sheer quality of the sound, and they buy records because it's cool. This is not a fad or cycle; music lovers young and old are being drawn to this historic audio format. Moreover, it seems to be a worldwide event, preorders and sales of vinyl records are on the increase in many countries across the globe.

If you are a vinyl junkie like me, there must be something missing in your collection. This site contains a 20 year personal collection of thousands of titles. 12" records, CD EP.

Downstairs Records is your one-stop for oldies, doo wop music and hard-to-find records. We have over 170,000 unique titles in stock. Chicago's Oldies Headquarters-find rare records in our Record Shop and 45 Record Catalog- Stop By The Store If You Are In Chicago! Classic 45's on the Web: Rare vinyl 45 records store featuring original issue and jukebox soul 45s, classic rock 45s, modern rock 45s, doo-wop 45s, RnB 45s, and large virtual boxes of old vinyl 45 rpm records. We're based in the United States, but welcome customers from around the world. The best music ever is on 45rpm vinyl records. Some were big hits and some more obscure. Come in and find something nice to add to your jukebox or vinyl collection I created Gene's Oldies in 1989 (Internet since 1996) for the sole purpose of helping other collectors by providing them with another source to buy, sell and trade vinyl. I have been an avid collector of 45rpms since the early 70's. Augie's 45 RPM Records EP's, Children's, Christmas, Holiday, Disney Vista, Movies and Shows, Polka, Jewish - we have the vinyl records you want! Children's records, lp, 78 & 45 rpm; Capitol Reader Records; Bugs Bunny; Bozo and more!

45s is a great source for 45 rpm vinyl records because we have a large inventory of the songs that hit the Billboard Charts from the 50's to the 90's in stock and available for delivery. We also have reissues -- newly-manufactured copies of over 10,000 hit songs

Buckaroo Records is your best source of original country,bluegrass, southern gospel, western swing, hillbilly, cowboy and outlaw country music. We carry over 20,000 original recordings on vinyl from the 50's through the 90's, by your favorite country artists.

The Hackensack Record King- Looking for that hard to find 45 oldie? Try us! We have 1/2 million in stock at all times (most re-issues are only $4.00 each). If we don't have it, we will try our best to get it for you! We also carry thousands of LPs & 12" singles. Also a complete line of phonograph needles.

12,000 45rpm picture sleeves for sale, with color images of every one.

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